The Perfect Guide to Las Vegas

    The Perfect Guide to Las Vegas

    The Sin City, Las Vegas is known to welcome all with open arms. Popular for adding a whole lot of luxury into everything it touches, whether it’s a casino, hotel or an entertainment event, Las Vegas has been designed to make your vacation the most fun-filled in the world. Vegas has something for everyone which is why we pick for you the best things to do in Vegas. You needn’t look further than this write-up when you plan a Las Vegas holiday:



    In the bewitching city of Las Vegas, surely there’s a lot of luxury, especially when it comes to hotels but there are a lot of budget hotels too. The price difference between a budget hotel room and a luxury hotel room is vast, which is a good thing as you can then stay in the place which fits your range.

    Usually, the costlier hotels are at or near the Las Vegas Strip because that’s where the Vegas action is. A room at a luxury hotel of Palms Casino Resort or the MGM Grand’s Skyloft etc. usually lightens your pocket by 500 USD a night. If you like, you can find medium-range hotels further in Downtown Las Vegas which will obviously cost you less than the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

    Palms Casino Resort

    Moreover, if you are looking for low-range accommodation in Vegas, you can either go for low-cost hotels or rent a room or even an entire house through a room-sharing service such as Airbnb. Conclusively, you can stay in Las Vegas for as low as $20/night & as high as $5000/night; the ball’s really in your court, so choose wisely.


    Las Vegas is known as Glitter Gulch because it’s all about the lights here. And what shines brighter on this planet than film stars! Las Vegas will award you an opportunity to see life-sized wax statues of celebrities at Madame Tussauds. So go on, click some selfies alongside famous people.

    Madame Tussauds

    If you want to see Las Vegas the easy way, then you should hop on the big double-decker bus of Las Vegas. It’s the city tour bus which gives you a tour of the major casinos, hotels, museums, malls, monuments, and the Miracle Mile. Since many such buses go round the city, you can move on from or stay back at a particular attraction by boarding earlier/boarding later any of these buses.

    Double-decker bus of Las Vegas

    You should also take an evening Helicopter tour of the City of Lights, Vegas. It’s just magical. The casinos and hotels which are enthrallingly illuminated at night make you fall in love with this overwhelming city. Especially, the city’s New York-New York skyline, the Bellagio Fountains, and the Luxor Pyramid are a captivating affair. Do see the fantastic Las Vegas Strip from the eyes of its two most famous observation decks - the High Roller Observation Wheel at LINQ and the Stratosphere Observation Deck.

    Bellagio Fountains

    Las Vegas has been designed to provide you the pleasures of the entire world in one place, which is why Las Vegas has an Eiffel Tower (almost half the size of the one in Paris), near the Paris Hotel. The Paris Hotel at Vegas is renowned for its splendid lobby and Parisian lanes and coffee shops. You can also go to Eiffel’s observation deck in just 20 bucks.

    Eiffel Tower

    Las Vegas’ Neon Museum features vintage and new neon signs and flashing lights of the city. The museum stores these signs for people to visit and see Las Vegas’s history. There’s a $19 guided tour available at the museum.

    Get the Las Vegas convention calendar to choose the events you want to see in Vegas. You should go and walk the city to get a feel of it, especially the Strip. Go wander the amazing casinos, restaurants, and bars which occupy this landmark destination. Keep an eye on the city’s delectable restaurants along the way as dining in one of them surely should be on your Las Vegas bucket list.

    You can also go see the Las Vegas Farmers Market which is convened at multiple locations across the city. It showcases the fresh produce, jewelry, crafts, cosmetics, and more from Las Vegas. You can also go visit Bruce Trent Park, Downtown Summerlin, Floyd Lamb Park, Gardens Park, and Galleria at Sunset to fully see Vegas.

    Since you are in Las Vegas, you should definitely visit the Grand Canyon (approx. 130 miles) and the Hoover Dam (approx. 33 miles) too. Arrange for yourself a Grand Canyon tour. The striking loneliness of the Grand Canyon parallels the impossible mixology of Vegas. While on the road, you can also stop by the Hoover Dam. It’s a beauty, a man-made wonder, an iconic picturesque destination for Instagrammers and yes, also a dam.

    Grand Canyon

    An excursion to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon provides you plenty of locales to click selfies at amazing, picture-perfect areas. You can also take a tour of these places, including an aerial one - from prices ranging from $70 to $600.


    If you want to shop, you can quench your shopaholic instincts at the attractive Las Vegas malls like The Fashion Show Mall and The Forum Shops at Caesars. These are among the most scenic and visited places in the city. If you are looking forth to do budget shopping, go to Las Vegas North Premium Outlet Mall.

    Fashion Show Mall

    If you plan to see the city from another angle, you can go walk at the New Vista Wine Walk. It’s an opportunity to see the culture and locality of The Silver City, Las Vegas. You can also go stroll at the Town Square and revel in the sights and sounds of an evening in Downtown Vegas.

    Las Vegas also hosts several festivals throughout the year, a popular one of which is in April - Festival of beer at Fremont East. This is a festival for beer and food lovers. In Fremont at the start of the spring, there’s a walking tour too which takes you through the famous Fremont Street neighborhood. In this tour, you see the city’s famous casinos, the new Downtown Container Park and other restaurants and shops popular in the city. These walking tours let you gain a new local perspective of Vegas.

    You can also witness a popular Las Vegas magic, comedy, or cabaret show. You can visit the Las Vegas website for a catalog of events and shows happening during your stay. Plan in advance and reserve your seat(s). If you are in Vegas, you should at least watch one. A few of the popular shows which are currently featuring or have featured in the City of Lights are the Cirque du Soleil, and Penn and Teller at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino, Absinthe at Caesars Palace, or the Blue Man Group at the Luxor. A ticket to one of these shows usually costs 20 to 100 bucks. You can also purchase a Las Vegas Nightlife Pass to feel like a VIP in bars across the town. This pass will gain you access to approximately fifty popular bars, nightclubs, pool parties, and ultra lounges of America’s playground, Las Vegas.

    Las Vegas is called the Capital of Second Chances because it is the Gambling Capital of the World. A place where casinos abound, you can too try your luck or just visit one of them to see what’s the buzz all about. You can gamble at the slot machine or a blackjack table. If you are good at playing cards, then try your hand on the table. Some of the most well-known casinos of the city are the Bellagio, the Venetian-Palazzo, and the Caesars Palace. Remember to set a budget before you begin gambling in Vegas because if you don’t, you can end up broke! It’s recommended that you don’t get drunk from the casino bar while gambling because that’s how the house keeps you playing all night. The budget you set apart for gambling should be the money which you can spare from the total budget of your Vegas trip after deducting the cost of hotel accommodations, travel, entertainment, and shopping.

    Caesars Palace

    Pro Tips:

    Plan & Reserve What You Want to Attend: Create an itinerary for your Las Vegas trip and book the places where an advanced booking is required so that you don’t have to pay extra later.

    With Las Vegas comes great responsibility: We don’t want to be buzz-killers here but a responsible behavior can go a long way in making your Vegas trip a success. Sure, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas but overindulging in alcohol or immoral activities or straight out marrying a stranger or having a ‘Hangover’ night, might cost you heavily in Vegas.

    Travel Tips: Las Vegas events, hotels, and flights are costlier on weekends than on weekdays. Las Vegas is cheaper in fall and winters. Las Vegas summers are blistering hot. Cheapest months to fly into the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas, are August and October.

    That’s the end of our Vegas guide. If you want to visit Las Vegas, book your cheap flight to Las Vegas and experience the Most Amazing City of the World.

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