How to begin your affair with L.A.


    The city of angels, L.A. is a city which shines like no other in our hearts. Los Angeles, the megapolis from Southern California is the meeting point of reality and fantasy in this world. If you are new to or planning to visit this incredible town, then read on to get to know L.A. better and then maybe one day, you will know the city well enough to call yourself a true Angeleno:

    Your date with the city of dreams, L.A. will have to start right in the wee hours of the day. To know L.A., the city of Hollywood stars, better, you will have to start by looking at actual stars at the Griffith Observatory. The next-level telescopes of Griffith provide a breathtaking vantage point for you to observe and marvel at our amazing universe. Goosebumps and jaw-drops galore when you see the universe through this Los Angeles keyhole.

    Griffith Observatory

    After gazing at the stars at dawn at the Griffith, you can shimmy up your rendezvous with L.A. with a hike on the Hollyridge trail through Runyon Canyon. You reach the Hollywood sign at the end of the hike and see your efforts rewarded when cheerful winds of L.A. caress you with their calming breeziness. Plus, you get to see the entire L.A. from the Hollywood hills! On your way down, do remember to stroll the Walk of Fame and reminisce about the scores of great artists and performers all of us have adored and loved over the generations.

    Runyon Canyon

    Well, enough of seeing L.A. from the top! Now, it’s time to touch the base and get a lowdown on what’s going on in the city. To feel the pulse of L.A., there’s no better place to go than Venice Beach (No, not the Italy one). A tourist magnet, this mega-popular beach hosts over a million visitors each year. A part of Venice in Los Angeles County, its beachside is popular with creative and artistic types. There’s a promenade parallel to the beach which is a major tourist attraction, also known as the Ocean Front Walk or the Boardwalk. There are many other activities and attractions due to which this beach is a tourist and local favorite; these include, Muscle beach, skate-dancing plazas, streetballers (basketball), volleyball, handball and paddle tennis courts, skateboarding, bike trails and many other kinds of performers, mystics, artists, and vendors.

    Venice Beach

    Had your lunch? Had your power nap? It’s now time to go to sleep again by visiting a museum. Nah, we are just fooling around with you. L.A.’s museums pack a mean punch. Moreover, LA’s wonderful buildings speak of unparalleled modernity. Together, they will blow your mind! First, go into a trance at the contemporary art museum, The Broad. Next, just be amazed at the architecture of the Walt Disney Concert Hall. If your mind is still left a little bit unblown, you can get a pass to see what’s European art’s all about at the Getty Center. We guarantee you will hit the jackpot of awesomeness at the Getty.

    Walt Disney Concert Hall

    Phew! That’s a handful. Now, let’s have some more fun. By fun, we mean the Universal Studios’ tour. Well, any Los Angeles tourist’s itinerary would be incomplete without the trip to this La La Land adventure. However, this isn’t just an hourly activity. The tour at Universal Studios usually takes up an entire day and includes visits to sets of fan-favorite films like Jaws and Psycho. The theme park is also conveniently located and a tram tour runs nearby the place which takes you on a sightseeing journey of real-life Hollywood sets and studios. If you are not into theme parks, then visit the Santa Monica beach & get grooving.

    Universal Studios

    You can end your first-day fling with Los Angeles by treading the Grand Central Market. Here, vendor stalls will serve you delectable food items and dishes including fruits, vegetables, meat, and spices while many sumptuous eateries will offer you a chance to try out a never-heard-before cuisine while you embrace the charm of L.A. in the city’s oldest open-air market.

    Grand Central Market

    You can also take a cruise at another day to continue your acquaintance with L.A. The cruise which takes you along the Pacific coast highway will surely headline your L.A. experience with delicious seafood and sunny views of the sea, the sand, and the city.

    Well, that’s it. There’s a lot more to see in Tinseltown. It’s one of the most diverse areas in America and the world and its year-round mild climate gives it an unbeatable edge compared to other touristy places. Book your cheap flight to L.A. . and experience for yourself the magic of The Entertainment Capital of the World.

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