7 Must See Places in New York City

    7 Must See Places in New York City

    New York, arguably the greatest city in the world needs no introduction. The city which has captured everyone’s imagination, New York is humanity’s love letter to civilization. It’s a myth of a city actually, one which welcomes all, accommodates their individuality and transforms to a newer and distinctive version of its earlier self.

    A place so encompassing, naturally, can’t exist without an entourage of great monuments and amazing places. Here we list the top 7 must see places of the city of New York:

    • Statue of Liberty: It is a 150 feet statue of a Roman goddess standing steadfast at the port of New York. Wow, that’s a sight to behold! Especially for the millions of immigrants who come to the promised land, America to fulfill their dreams and see Lady Liberty with her enlightening torch and open arms, ready to welcome them. Side Note: Although the Statue has inspired thousands of replicas & depictions, its most popular appearance in pop-culture is in the 1968 movie, Planet of the Apes where it is half-buried in sand.

    Statue of Liberty

    • Empire State Building: One of the modern 7 wonders of the world, Empire State is named after New York. Since inception, it has held the title of the world’s tallest building for approx. 40 years and that of King Kong’s playmate. If you want to get a feel of New York, there isn’t a better place than the tower’s 86th-floor observation deck. Side Note: Empire State is an iconic landmark not only for New York but also for movies set in the city. It has been featured in over 250 movies & its observation deck is a favorite climax spot for rom-coms.

    Empire State Building

    • Times Square: Also known as The Crossroads of the World, Times Square is a place where you can yell the famous Midnight Cowboy dialogue, ‘I’m walkin’ here, I’m walkin’ here’ and people will be mildly amused as over 3 hundred thousand people pass through this place daily. Yeah, the pedestrian mecca of the world, Times Square (geometrically not a square) is a commercial intersection in Midtown Manhattan. The Square’s shiny billboards, incredible entertainment, and a legendary New Year’s Ball-drop will surely make your jaw drop. Side Note: Zombie, apocalyptic and dystopian films have long showcased the Times Square astonishingly abandoned or eerily still to achieve the shock effect.

    Times Square

    • Grand Central Terminal: New York is always moving so how could we miss mentioning the Grand Central in this list. Renowned for its interior design, this railroad terminal revolutionized travel transit-hub design. Ramps instead of staircases, separate pickup, and drop-off points, the Grand Central’s Beaux-Arts architecture is truly captivating. Over 20 million people visit the station annually and we are not even counting the passengers! Side Note: Like its brethren, Grand Central pops up in films & TV whenever there’s a need to show New Yorkers traveling.

    Grand Central Terminal

    • Central Park: An 843-acre park in New York, New York! Wow, that’s how you arrange oxygen for a sprawling metropolis. The lifeline of Gotham, Central Park is a metropolitan park with a castle, gardens, fountains, lakes, flora and fauna, skating rinks, sculptures, exhibitions, playgrounds, entertainment centers and much more concealed in its green kitty. Riding a horse carriage, peddling, skating or just taking a stroll in the park is what New Yorkers do each day. Side Note: A veteran location in over 230 movies, one of the first films shot here was ‘Skating in Central Park’ in the year 1900.

    Central Park

    • The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The museum is called the Met and the baseball team is named, The Mets, just to be crystal clear to the visitors. The Met currently scores a bronze in the Most Visited Museum rally with over 7 million tourists trying to appreciate its 2 million works in 17 curatorial departments. Art, arms, armor, sculptures, costume, drawings, prints, photographs, musical instruments and more from around the planet, The Met has it all because it collects it all. Side Note: Genres films shot at the Met range from romantic comedies to heist thrillers. Truly, the Met covers the entire spectrum.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    • 9/11 Memorial & One World Trade Center: We mention these places in the same breath because one reminds us of life’s uncertainty while the other is a testament to the human spirit. The place where the twin towers of the World Trade Center once stood has been converted into two reflective pools. The nearby 9/11 Memorial Museum houses the memories of the terrible disaster and its impact. One World Trade Center or the Freedom Tower has been built at the northwest corner of the Twin Towers site. It is the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere and has an observatory on floors 100, 101, and 102 offering unparalleled views of the New York City skyline. Side Note: Due to 1 WTC’s significance, ever since construction began it became a trend to feature the under-construction tower in a movie or a TV series’ background.

    9/11 Memorial & One World Trade Center

    The Big Apple, New York is enormous in scale, each street of which has a different story to tell. With a remarkable number of attractions, New York never seizes to amaze. A few honorable mentions of unmissable New York must-sees are:

    Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island Immigration Museum, American Museum of Natural History, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Theater District/Broadway, Madison Square Garden, The High Line, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, New York Public Library, Whitney Museum of American Art, Coney Island and Metropolitan Opera House.

    What are you waiting for then? Know all the tricks of booking cheap flight tickets to New York.The Dutch called this city, New Amsterdam, the English, New York but for its residents and tourists alike, New York City is Caput Mundi, The Capital of the World.

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