Know How to Fly Cheap this Summer?

    Know How to Fly Cheap this Summer?

    • Book in Advance: Most flight ticketing systems work this way - They categorize the seats in the economy, first or business classes of the plane. Each category of seats has a price tag attached to it. When flight booking begins, it usually starts from the cheapest price category in a class and ends up at the highest price category. Now, when you search for a ticket of a particular class, the price for the cheapest category available is pitched to you. So if you book in advance, you are likely to get the cheapest available ticket in your travel class.

    Book in Advance

    Scrounge Airfare Engines: An airfare metasearch engine is quick on its feet. It searches for flights across various platforms such as airlines and online agents and presents you with the result. You can then filter their findings against factors such as price, duration, layovers etc. and book the flight which suits you the best. Some of the best meta search engines in the business are Skyscanner, Momondo, Google Flights and Kayak. It is suggested to check all the search engines to fly the cheapest.

    Scrounge Airfare

    Be Flexible for Cheap: In today’s era, everything needs to run on schedule but many times, little flexibility in your travel plans reward you well. It’s natural, flight tickets for weekends go by faster than tickets for weekdays, which is why one usually pays more for a weekend flight than a weekday flight. Similarly, early morning and overnight flights are usually the cheapest tickets to a destination. So, if you are flexible with your travel date and time, you may fly at the cheapest possible fares available for a destination.

    Subscribe for Cheap Fare Alerts: Sign up for the newsletters of various travel fare aggregators, major airlines, and online ticketing agencies. One of them is which provides you the best possible price on your favored flight. Provide the origin and destination airports and your preferred date range of travel and these agencies will automatically ping your inbox when a cheap fare is available for your desired flight.

    Subscribe for Cheap Fare Alerts

    Look Around at Airports: Many cities such as New York (Please add the link to blog: 7 Must See Places in New York City) and Los Angeles have more than one airport. Moreover, many places which have a regional airport have a nearby larger airport, like Logan International Airport in Boston has major New York Airports close-by. Having multiple airports around gives you multiple flight options from which you can choose the cheapest one.

    Look Around at Airports

    Book Connecting Flights Separately: Usually, if you book a long-distance flight in one-go, you rely on the deals which your origin airline is getting from its layover airline associate. Though if you book each section of your flight leg separately, you can save more. Example: Booking from New York to Munich with a layover at London in one-go makes you dependent on the deal which your origin airline is getting from London to Munich. However, if you book your London to Munich flight yourself, you are likely to save a few hundred bucks on your airfare. Although, do remember to book your connecting flight with ample time in-hand for you to make the transfer. You should also ideally book your round-trip from your origin destination as you will get better deals.

    Don’t wait and book your cheap flight now. Remember with a little research and flexibility, you can save a lot many bucks on your flights. Another easy way to book the cheapest flight to any destination is calling

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