How to Survive a Long Flight

    6 Tips to Make Long Flights Fun

    For many fliers, long-haul flights are unavoidable nightmares which they have to endure to get to their destination. A long flight is not only a deterrent for frequent fliers but for all kinds of travelers. A long flight usually entails a flight duration of more than 15 hours. Plus, the time duration from when you leave the house and board the flight act only as an addition to your long-journey misery. To help you survive the long hours of your flight and conversely, to make those hours fun, follow the below tips:

    Power & Load: Bring your phones, tablets, and laptops to the flight all charged up. Entertainment devices play a big role in keeping you busy on a boring flight, so remember to power up all your electronics. Also, carry the devices’ battery-chargers in your cabin luggage in case you need to refill. Additionally, since an in-flight Wi-Fi is not a given, load up your entertainment centers with games, movies, shows, books etc. too.

    Power & Load

    Comfortable Clothes: This is a no-brainer. If you are spending over 15 hours sitting in a teeny-tiny-bit of space, you have to wear comfortable clothes. Body-hugging tees or tight jeans will just make your air travel intolerable. Plus, the air conditioning system in the flight can either be too chilly or too hot for you, so choose your outfit accordingly.

    Comfortable Clothes

    Accessorize: One of the best ways to pass your time on a long-haul flight is by taking a good long nap. However, making sleep happen on a plane seat is difficult for obvious reasons. An all-blocking eye-mask, a stuffy travel-pillow and soothing music on your noise-cancellation headphones can prove to be a godsend for lullabying you to sleep.


    Control your Appetite: Flight meals are heavy on carbs so you should watch what you eat as eating heavy and remaining seated for 15+ hours will surely mess up your metabolism. The same problem arises when you have alcohol or gulp a little too much caffeine on the flight.

    Control your Appetite

    Water’s your Friend: Flying is terribly dehydrating. The thing which will help you kickstart your engine after you land is proper hydration. Drink water at regular intervals during your flight to feel fresh when you land. We know, we know, drinking more water means visiting the tinkletown frequently ergo asking your co-passengers to excuse you again and again but believe us, proper hydration is worth it.

    Water’s your Friend

    Seat Right: A simple solution to the problem above is an aisle seat. A bathroom-break or stretching your legs frequently on a plane is a piece of cake if you got the aisle seat. Plus after the plane lands, you can make a quick exit. Also, remember to remain buckled-up during the course of the journey so that even when you are sleeping, the flight attendants do not disturb you if there arises a need for wearing the belt. The buckled seat-belt should be clearly visible to the attendant so remember to place it over your clothes.

    Seat Right

    There’s a saying, ‘It’s about the journey and not the destination’. This saying seems to be tailor-made for long-haul flights. If your flight journey is fun and comfortable, you are bound to enjoy your work or vacation more! Another way of making your long journeys pleasing is by booking the cheapest flight seat in your preferred travel class.

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