Top 3 Winter Hotspots in Europe

    Top 3 Winter Hotspots in Europe?

    Who said winters are a season to lie down and stay in bed until you see the sun again? Winters is as much a traveler’s month as is summer. The majesty of snow-laden hills, the intoxication of a hot cup of cocoa and the intimacy of covering yourself in layers of clothes and playing snowball are the stuff of winters and cannot be experienced in any weather. And, what place better to vacay at during winters than Europe.

    Cost-wise, holidaying in Europe during winters make super-sense. If you are still wondering how can you have the fun you have in summer holidays in your winter vacations, steer through the below list and find out the best winter holiday hotspots you can have fun in:

    There isn’t a shred of doubt, winters or not, Switzerland is incredible. White peaks which pierce your heart with sceneries of breathtaking beauty, transportation which climbs to every amazing spot you feel an urge to see, adventure sports which pump a distinctive rush of adrenaline into your body, Switzerland captivates you in each moment you spend there. A paradise for mountaineers, Switzerland is a wintery wonderland unlike no other in the world.
    Zermatt, Interlaken, Davos, Arosa, Jungfrau Region, Lucerne, St. Gallen, Mt. Pilatus, St. Moritz and Oberalp Pass via Glacier Express are few of the most-frequented destinations in Switzerland. The cable cars and rails are the lifelines of Swiss tourism as they bring to pass such incredible views that when you are there, you can only wonder, ‘Am I in paradise or still on earth?’


    Finland The land of Santa Claus, Finland is your eponymous winter destination. The towns and cities of this country are an idyllic example of a dreamy wintery paradise. With several hundreds of thousands of frozen lakes, the winters in Finland provide a perfect setting for skiing. Plus, venues for Ice Hockey, Ice Yachting, Ice Skating and Ice Fishing fill up like a tank at a gas station with ridiculous amounts of sports lovers and players when winters ring its bell.

    Finland also brings to you an Ice Hotel to stay in! That’s one item checked off the bucket list. Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Rovaniemi, and Tampere are among the most frequently visited cities in the country. You can also get the utmost Christmas feel by riding a reindeer and dog sleigh in the northern corners of Finland. Moreover, there’s those heavenly Northern Lights/Auroras to witness; oh, the colorful drapes which the sky wears during these phenomena are just magical.


    Hungary is a European destination known for being a tourist’s delight. The landscape of Budapest, especially, exudes a special romantic glow in winters which is why couples under the cupid charm love to visit Hungary. The awe-inspiring parks and exhilarating ice-skating rinks of the country are top attractions for couples to celebrate their love. Buda Castle and the Central Park are two of the city’s tourist-heavy destinations.

    With majestic castles, other-worldly caves, breathtaking museums, exotic spas, immense opera houses and heavenly thermal baths, Hungary is a winter magic-land. The hot springs and thermal baths of Hungary, especially, have had a reputation of bringing relaxation and cleansing to countless people over millennia. So, are you excited for a thermal spring bath in winters? You surely should be! After a cozy bath, you can also watch birds or go deep-dive caving in Hungary.


    So, that’s it with the top 3 winter destinations of Europe but this continent has so much to offer that the list can run for pages and ages. Some honorable mentions of wintery tourist hotspots are Prague in the Czech Republic, Abisko in Sweden and Venice in Italy. So what are you waiting for, then? Book your flight to any European city now and maximize the fun in your Europe flight by following these 6 simple tips

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