Top 18 Global Fests in 2018’s Second-Half

    Top 18 Global Fests in 2018’s Second-Half

    Want to know which are the most amazing festivals and events of 2018’s second-half worth traveling for around the world? If your answer is yes, then this list is right up your alley. Let’s begin:


    Tour de France, France (July 7 - 29)
    For cycling enthusiasts the world over, this mega-sporting event presents a wonderful opportunity to enjoy their beloved sport in the country known across Europe for its quaint and scenic lanes, alleys and streets. Come and experience Tour de France this July.

    Tour de France, France

    Naadam Festival, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia (July 11 - 15)
    At this event, witness an old-fashioned showcase of adventure skills such as horse racing, archery, and wrestling in Mongolia’s capital. Evolved from the ancient wedding and hunting traditions, this grand celebration takes place in an arena where local craft, live music and performances add an intoxicating charm to the city’s remarkable allure.

    Naadam Festival, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Sarawak Rainforest World Music Festival, Malaysia (July 13 - 15)
    This fest isn’t cut from your regular event cloth. This is different! Well, first because it takes place in a rainforest. Second, it’s Malaysia! Come, be a part of these musical celebrations in the Borneo jungle for three whole days and revel in some amazing entertainment performances by the area’s indigenous people. Experience the event which is soaked deeply in Malaysia’s culture and traditions and truly live your vacation.

    Sarawak Rainforest World Music Festival


    SailWeek, Croatia (August - September)
    Fair warning - This event isn’t limited to a week; it starts in May and ends in September. The reason it is in the August rooster is that in August you will find the least crowds at the fest and enjoy the most! At this event, sailboat-teams explore Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. The festival lists two types of boat activities in which you can partake in - Party and Adventure. So, choose the one you and your friends like and off you go, sailor!

    SailWeek, Croatia

    Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland (August 3 - 27)
    One of the biggest art and cultural fests in the world - this event goes on for three weeks and has more than 50,000 artists entertain you in over 3000 performances in theatre, dance, comedy, circus, art, spoken word, music, and opera shows. Since the festival takes place in the city’s center, you can walk from show to show while roaming around the city too.

    Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

    PGA Tour, North America (August 2 - September 30)
    If you love golf, this event is for you. A tour across North America of the most prestigious golf tournaments, the PGA tour is an unabashed celebration of the game of greens. With top-billed players and enthusiastic crowds, this fantastic tour has earned a reputation of presenting world-class golf to worldwide audiences and spectators, like no other tour has.

    PGA Tour, North America


    Braderie de Lille Flea Market, Lille, France (September 1 - 2)
    In the aesthetic French city of Lille, on the banks of Deûle River, each first weekend of September, there’s a set up of - No, not an art exhibition but a Flea Market! It’s Europe’s biggest flea market which takes over the beautiful streets of Lille in the fall. With a motto, something for all, this flea market has a wide range of products to sell, all at a reasonable cost. And yes, while you are there, don’t you miss a taste of the local cuisine, especially some mussels and chips.

    Braderie de Lille Flea Market, Lille, France

    Labor Day Liftoff, Colorado Springs, Colorado, the U.S. (September 1 - 3)
    The festival to give your summer a perfect bookending, this Labor Day long-weekend hurrah starts its day with releasing dozens of hot-air balloons over the Rockies. As the day moves on, the event showcases skydiving, watersport, and other live entertainment competitions and related events to the ecstatic crowd. At the event, there is great food and beer too to revel and relax away your three days. On the Saturday and Sunday sunsets, you can also witness the balloon-glow in the evening sky. It’s magical really!

    Labor Day Liftoff, Colorado Springs, Colorado, the U.S.

    Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany (September 22 - October 7)
    Again, a paradoxical proposal - The best time to visit the Oktoberfest festival is in September. It’s a fest where you drink beer and enjoy the good life. Make your beer tent reservations ASAP if you plan to attend as almost seven million people showed up to participate at the fest last year and they finished over six million liters of Munich beer. Apart from drinking from a sea of beer, at this fest, you can experience the local food, music, and culture of Munich in the most spectacular of ways.

    Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany


    Concurs de Castells, Tarragona, Spain (October 1 - 2)
    This festival is pure grit. It’s an astounding, life-changing experience because here with your own two eyes you witness what people are capable of achieving if they get their minds to it. In one of the most daring displays of human conviction, at Concurs de Castells you will see a team of 30+ people trying, with all their might, to build the tallest and most complex human tower possible. This is an age-old festival whose art form has grown to such an extent that climbers (barefoot and wearing Faixa) have even built human towers which are 9-stories high. That’s a sight to see for sure! Moreover, there’s the amazing Catalan culture at display at this festival where the music, street performers, parades, concerts, cuisine, and art indulge you completely in the intoxicating festivities.

    Concurs de Castells, Tarragona, Spain

    Austin City Limits, Texas, the U.S. (October 5 - 15)
    Austin City Limits is not only a show with cowboys on horses. It’s a cultural festival with delectable Texan food and soothing Southern music where artists from around the world unite to create an electrifying atmosphere for sensational art and entertainment exhibitions. Theater, hip-hop, DJs, and of course, cowboys on horses, Austin City Limits festival is the complete package.

    Austin City Limits, Texas, the U.S.

    Sculptures by the Sea, Sydney, Australia (October 18 - November 4)
    From the picturesque Bondi Beach to the coast of Tamarama Beach, numerous artists display their artworks in the world’s biggest public sculpture exhibition, Sculptures by the Sea. The catalog at this festival includes sculptures from both national and international talents who come together in Sydney to stage the largest and totally free sculpture show in the world.

    Sculptures by the Sea, Sydney, Australia


    Day of the Dead, Mexico City, Mexico (October 31 - November 2)
    Called locally, Dia de los Muertos, this Mexican traditional event features a magnificent parade where people dress as scary, dead, and undead beings, to honor those who have passed away. The celebrations include altar offerings, delicious food, and decorated cemeteries. This festival has gotten especially famous after being featured in movies like Spectre and Coco.

    Day of the Dead, Mexico City, Mexico

    Diwali, Indian Subcontinent (November 7)
    The festival of lights, Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrated in the fall every year. Through this festival, people commemorate the victory of good over evil and light over darkness by igniting ‘Diyas’ (lamps and candles) in and around their homes. It’s also the beginning of a new year for many and its origin is grounded in numerous stories of ancient legends and traditions from the subcontinent.

    Diwali, Indian Subcontinent

    Loy Krathong and Yi Peng, Chiang Mai, Thailand (November 21 - 23)
    Two legendary Thai festivals, which are hailed as among the most alluring and vivid festivals of the world, these events take place across multiple locations in the country but the most awesome celebrations of them occur at Chiang Mai. Loy Krathong celebrations takes place on the night of the full moon of the 12th lunar month when couples dressed in traditional wear launch Krathongs, lotus-shaped floating containers crafted of banana leaves, containing a candle, flower, incense sticks, and coins into lakes, canals, and rivers while making wishes on the night of the exceptionally-beautiful full moon. Additionally, for Yi Peng, both locals and tourists light thousands of paper lanterns and launch them into the sky wishing for good fortune while the lanterns look like bright stars in the beautiful night sky.

    Loy Krathong and Yi Peng, Chiang Mai, Thailand


    Krampusnacht, Tyrol, Austria (December 1)
    A scary festival indeed, Krampusnacht derives its names from the mythical being, Krampus (half-goat, half-demon) whose job entails whipping children into being nice on Christmas. For this evil version of St. Nicholas, a parade is organized on the streets where people, carrying chains and fire torches, roam the snow-laden alleys of the city with the intention of whipping innocent passers. Don’t be afraid, that’s just how they get into the Christmas mood in the Austrian Alps.

    Krampusnacht, Tyrol, Austria

    Art Basel, Miami Beach, the U.S. (December 6 - 9)
    Celebrating art and emerging artists from around the world, this exhibition celebrates sculptures, paintings, digital art, and more in the beautiful galleries of Miami Beach’s convention center. At the event, you will bustle through amazing public art installations, special exhibits, and fashionable parties, just a few minutes away from the spectacular beaches of Miami. So, when you are done pondering over art exhibits, you know where to go to put your head down and chill.

    Art Basel, Miami Beach, the U.S. (December 6 - 9)

    Mevlana Whirling Dervishes, Konya, Turkey (December 10 - 18)
    Unrelentingly practicing the teachings of the great 13th-century poet, Rumi, this 10-days fest has the power to stir your soul from the inside out. A religious dance, known as ‘sema’ (takes place on Dec. 17), has been going for the past 750 years in this fest where men draped in white robes and crowned by tall hats, spin in circles celebrating their devotion and faith in the most marvelous and unique of ways.

    Mevlana Whirling Dervishes, Konya, Turkey

    So, that’s it! These are the best 18 fests from around the world to visit in 2018’s second-half (i.e. July - December). If you have made up your mind already about which of the above fests you want to attend, book your flight tickets at cheap prices at Travelopod now.

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