Know where’s the best surf in Costa Rica


    The seas of Costa Rica invites both amateur and seasoned surfers each year for the surf of their lives to the Caribbean. Idyllic for surfers across the world, Costa Rica beaches have an amazing landscape and an astounding coastline which makes them the love of both beginners and professionals.

    Ticos/Costarricenses (people of Costa Rica) enjoy and work towards advancing the sport of surfing too, evident by the fact that there are many board rentals and surfing training centers in the coastal towns of this Central American country.

    Costa Rica has a pretty diverse landscape - rocky beaches, river points & mouths, coral reefs, scattered islands, white, dark brown, black or tan sand beaches etc. The white sand beaches in the Rican rein, especially, have been described as a slice of paradise by many surfers. These features along with the country’s tropical weather and warm water make Costa Rica one of the best surfing locales on the planet. There are scores of surf spots in Costa Rica, the ones which are far north and far south are remote and uncrowded. Costa Rica is a great surfing destination because it has long surf breaks which can even extend for a mile. There are two coasts in Costa Rica - the Caribbean and the Pacific. April till December is the peak surfing time in the country. Costa Rica is a nation of hollow surf rides and flawless shores. We list for you below the best surfing spots in Costa Rica:

    Puerto Viejo

    In Costa Rica’s southern side, explore the town of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca located in the Limón province. Here you will be able to surf in the sea’s biggest and strongest wave, Salsa Brava. Puerto Viejo beaches have Hawaiian-style barrels of waves which shall ideally be braved only by professionals. Coastal reefs alongside Puerto Viejo’s serene beaches, Playa Chiquita, Playa Negra and Punta Uva make this surfing location simply enthralling.

    Puerto Viejo

    Playa Hermosa

    Located in Northern Puntarenas, Playa Hermosa means a ‘beautiful beach’ and is famous for being host to a number of surf contests in Costa Rica. Playa Hermosa is especially popular among steep-beach-loving experienced surfers. You can also go to Jaco from Hermosa which is among the most famous beaches and towns in Costa Rica.

    Playa Hermosa


    Tamarindo is a must-surf, especially, the area of Guanacaste which is near the Witch’s Rock beach. The Witch’s Rock beach stretches for 2 miles and has hollow sand bottom breaks. Close-by beaches, Playa Langosta and Playa Negra are accessible by the road while Witch’s Rock is accessible by a boat. Surf camps in the area are a great place to meet like-minded people who love surfing like you do. So go on ahead and raise a surf tornado in Tamarindo.


    Playa Pavones

    Known for having one of the longest left rides in the world, Playa Pavones is located in South Puntarenas. The left ride wave here starts at Rio Claro and can go for a length of 0.7 miles. The peak season at this South Pacific coast beach begins in April and ends in November. You can also visit the nearby Matapalo to surf.

    Playa Pavones

    Other sites in Costa Rica where surf’s great are Playa Santa Teresa, Playa Nosara, Mal Pais and Playa Grande. So what are you waiting for then? Book your cheap flight to Costa Rica now.

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